Price Gouging and the Pandemic- A Long Way to Go

Jeffrey S. Jacobson
Faegre Drinker Biddle & Reath LLP
New York, New York
LCA Complimentary Webinar Series, March 3, 2022
Most states have laws—some enforceable only by the Attorney General, but many also enforceable in private civil suits—expressly prohibiting price increases during declared states of emergency. At least for AG suits, the limitations period for these suits can last for years, so it is far too soon for sellers who raised prices at any point during the pandemic to believe they are out of the woods. With states of emergency still persisting, and supply chain and inflationary pressures causing price increases that should not fairly trigger “gouging” claims, this webinar will cover what those considering the defense or prosecution of pandemic-related gouging claims need to know about the requirements and uncertainties of state anti-gouging laws.