2022 LCA President Michael Ehrenstein Discusses Legal Marketing with Ross Fishman of Fishman Marketing


Dear Fellows,

As we emerge from the pandemic, what steps should we take to invigorate our marketing efforts, so we can capture and keep more clients? Clearly, COVID hindered traditional legal marketing activity, caused a re-examination of marketing efforts, and inspired some fresh marketing innovations. Who hasn’t marketed to potential new clients by Zoom? But Zoom is not a universal panacea for the marketing doldrums triggered by COVID. As COVID fades, we face the challenge of earning new business in an ever more competitive marketplace.

Recently, I had an opportunity to speak with Ross Fishman, J.D., CEO of Fishman Marketing, an award-winning legal marketing guru, about this challenge. Ross shared his insights on effective marketing in this era, yielding a list of his top five non-Zoom recommendations for legal marketing in 2022. I encourage you to watch a short excerpt of our conversation HERE. Anyone interested in learning more about legal marketing can access additional resources listed below.

Steve and Dottie Henry, and the fabulous LCA team, are finalizing plans for our next in-person meeting which we hope to announce shortly. In the meantime, if you will be in South Florida, please let Theresa and me show you some hospitality.

Very truly yours,

Michael Ehrenstein





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