A California federal jury awarded TEK Global SRL $2.8 million on Friday in a case alleging that rival Sealant Systems International Inc. copied its patented design for tire repair kits that pump sealant into flat tires in order to steal its customers, according to an attorney for the prevailing party.

On Friday afternoon the jury reached a verdict, finding that TEK has proven that it is more likely than not that SSI infringed on the asserted patent claims and awarding damages for reasonable royalty and lost profits of $2.8 million, according to TEK attorney Ashok Ramani of Keker, Van Nest & Peters LLP.

Ramani told Law360 that it was important to protect TEK founder Maurizio Marini’s invention.

“I think the jury was persuaded that the inventor and founder, our client, came up with something new and a competitor took it without permission and took his business,” the attorney said during a phone interview. “And it’s rewarding to see that the jury did what was right.”


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Ashok Ramani is an experienced trial lawyer at Keker, Van Nest & Peters who handles patent and trade-secret disputes for companies including Netflix, TSMC, Hulu, HTC, Square and ConforMIS. Having tried 16 jury and bench trials, Mr. Ramani is adept at designing winning strategies and translating sophisticated concepts for juries and judges alike. For his plaintiff clients, Mr. Ramani has secured nine-figure settlements and preliminary injunctions against former employees on trade-secret-misappropriation claims. For his defendant clients, he has achieved complete victory after trial on multiple patents, mid-trial voluntary dismissal by the plaintiff and pretrial victory by summary judgments and motions to dismiss. He is a Fellow of the Litigation Counsel of America.